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Do you need how to "fix financial fiascoes"? You bet !


Beverly Kennedy solves another big problem for Americans
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lifestyles Facts From Fiction for Fixing Financial Fiascoes (C)
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Do you need how to "fix financial fiascoes"? You bet !


Beverly Kennedy presents "Facts from Fiction for fixing financial fiascoes"©

as a featured segment on the Knight & Day Show, WBZT. 1230 AM  radio dial or....Iheartradio.com  (click) wbzt  7:30pm every Thursday night and played again Tues. night 8:30.

WARNING..!   POLITICAL RISK  AND HEALTH RISK ARE DANGEROUS TO YOUR FINANCIAL SECURITY. Not  Knowing the facts from fiction could destroy your chosen lifestyle. Keep informed on The web pages :


starting Feb. 15th on the web: www.lifesylesmagazineTM.org

Lifestyles Magazine TM , Radio show on WBZT, 2 HOURS  every week COMING March !

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