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       Diversity  Planning  Institute  (DPI) , produces and researches material for Lifestyles Magazine Radio Network
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Diversity Planning  Institute & Editor-in-Chief, Beverly Kennedy will produce
LIFESTYLES  MAGAZINE  RADIO  Network Programing  will include 
 3 HOURS OF WEEKLY FORMAT....beginning January ,2018  

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"Facts From Fiction for Fixing Financial Fiascoes"(c) , Part 1,
 & Part 2 .PART 3 ,AND PART 4.   available on http://www.lifestylesmagazineradio.com

               Beverly  Kennedy  Editor-in-Chief of "LIFESTYLES  MAGAZINE RADIO TM"  and  guests will be  the featured  experts of each magazine radio segment with accurate and researched information.    
Beverly B. Kennedy is listed in MARQUIS "Who's Who" in the Financial Services in "the World" and "America".  and  is the   EDITOR-in-CHIEF   of  : www.DPIINC.ORG

          Locally Beverly Kennedy was the former retirement planner for employees & administration of Pembroke Pines General Hospital, Broward Community College, and the Broward County School System. Bev Kennedy also was the Daily Radio Show Talk Show Host and Producer of her Radio Show on a West Palm Beach, Clear Channel Station WBZT.COM.( 9 years ago)
 Bev Kennedy still holds the title of "most awarded financial consultant of Broward County " for her integrity, leadership and success by Nova-Southeastern University, 2001.   Nova University appointed Beverly to be  the first Faculty member of financial advisers for the University's Financial Planning Institute, 1986. Beverly Kennedy is educated as a Supreme Court Certified  County  Court Mediator. She also was appointed and has served as an Industry Arbitrator for the Securities Industry, (special certification in employee/employer disputes) from 1992-2005.
  Diversity Planning Institutes  will provide the facts and strategies to help solve problems to better protect your lifestyle.
         Diversity Planning Institute programming on LIFESTYLES  MAGAZINE  RADIO TM will  identify  the problems  and solutions based on accurate  facts.

         There is now an important need  for expert  and   current advice  on  methods for private & public Corporations and Individuals to deal with :
 lifestyle  Risks: FinancialBusiness,Market,  Political,Family, Legal,Interest, and most important Health. We provide Public Affairs   PROGRAMMING
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